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“The first and simplest emotion which we discover in human mind is curiosity” – Edmund Burke. How true, indeed! , right through the ages people have tried to define life, but something which always has been the aspect of definition is the curiosity, the reason behind defining life itself is curiosity about it.

Ironically Curiosity is one distinctive character which every person shares, how far we exercise it, is a matter of personal choice, but something that drives us, is curiosity. Every emotion that humans are capable of expressing has an underlying part of curiosity attached to it. Every great person that has lived on this earth has quoted importance of curiosity in our lives. Right from the childhood to an old age, in whatever direction we move, largely depends on this quality of curiousness. In the 21st  century; technology oriented world this aspect, quality or emotion has become more and more discernible. The discoveries the innovations the inventions are nothing but outcomes of curious minds.

I really feel that even the scientists are more driven by curiosity than science itself. Curiosity develops interest, interest develops choices, and the choices that we make, makes us. If we really want to lead a driven life, a passionate life than we have to be curious. Everything in the world is driven by this great natural, innate sense or force. The world revolves around this, and there would be hardly any person that disagrees with it.

Imagine what world would be like without it, it would be like a body without a soul, a mind without thoughts, and life without goal. Something that each and every one of us must always nurture is curiosity, I wonder how one would live without it. As Albert Einstein once said “Never lose the Holy Curiosity”. So be curious!

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